Prinsjesdag: new budget, new plans

Most households, countries and businesses make a review of the investments and income of last year and make a plan what will be next year’s investments and income. Not only the income and investments are important to discuss, it is also essential to have a look at the way problems can be solved. For example when there is a discussion.

In the Netherlands there is a national day for this event which is called “Prinsjesdag” (Little prince day). This day is every year on the 3rd Tuesday of September. Prinsjesdag consists of multiple events happening: the “miljoenennota”(budget), General debate and the monarch’s speech.

The monarch’s role

The monarch, Willem-Alexander, will read the monarch’s speech in front of the people of the first chamber, second chamber, the state’s general chamber and other guests such as the press and citizens. The monarch’s speech is held at the Ridderzaal, which is at the Binnenhof in The Hague. The monarch’s speech is about what the government policy will be upcoming year.

The Miljoenennota (Budget)

The Miljoenennota (which for the rest of this article I will refer to as the Budget), includes the most important plans for the upcoming year and what they approximately shall cost. It also has a look at how the Dutch economy is doing and what probably will happen the upcoming year. For example if there will be an economic growth or an economic contraction.

Plans for the upcoming parliamentary year

There has been a great improvement according to the monarch’s speech. More people have a job (the percentage of unemployment decreased), the minimum loan for young adults will be the same. There are plans to stop the smuggling of people by boat, so our country (working together with other countries) can regulate the refugees coming to the west. By regulating the refugees and the patrols on the water, less people will drown during the dangerous routes. Other plans are about the problems with the extraction of natural gas in Groningen. This will be half the volume extracted compared to 2012.

The upcoming parliamentary year there will be more money compared to a few years ago, because the economy is growing and therefore there is more money to spend.

What I think about some plans of the budget

In this paragraph I will discuss and share my opinion on two plans of the budget.

The plans to invest more for the children that live in poverty so they can follow music lessons, join a sport club and can join school trips is in my opinion a good investment. I think this is a good investment because when I was younger I had music lessons and I learned not only a lot about music, but also got to know new people. Also when I got older music was, and still is, a way to express myself. It is important for everyone to have a chance to do what they would want to do.

Also sport is important, not only for your health, but also for your social contacts and skills. It is nice to have some friends around you and to be able to talk to someone who has the same interests. I think everyone deserves that chance.

Another plan is to cut the savings on long-term care. My opinion is that this a good plan, because this way some people have the chance to recover from a severe disease or live longer and have more and better care compared to when the savings were not cut.

Final word

I did some research about what people think about the monarch’s speech. Some have some a critical point of view and others are more positive, depending on for example their political preference or point of view.


Author: Daphne Mathijsen



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