Prinsjesdag, the revealing of the comming year

Every Afbeeldingsresultaat voor prinsjesdag 2016third Tuesday of September, the annual ‘Prinsjesdag’ is being celebrated. This includes the King giving a speech called ‘The Troonrede’ at the ‘Ridderzaal’. This is taking place in a special joint meeting of the State’s General (the 1st and 2nd chambers). The king will be driving around in his (this year) glass coach and the ‘Miljoenennota’ will be presented by the minister of finances to the 2nd chamber, which then will later be considered in the ‘General Debate’. The opposition will criticise the various proposals and later on, the chamber will vote for these proposals.

The king doesn’t have a lot of power these days, he is a more of a role model. The king only reads out the ‘Troonrede’ and drives around in his usually golden coach, but this year the glass coach has been used. This is due to slavery images that are located on the golden coach, which has caused some criticism.

Maybe the most important event of ‘Prinsjesdag’ is the ‘Miljoenennota’ being presented by the minister of finances. The ‘Miljoenennota’ contains  content of the in- and outcomes for the new governmental year called ‘de Begrotingen’. The ‘Miljoenennota’ is actually expressed in Billions of Euros, instead of millions.

This year not only The Netherlands but the entire world has been shocked by the tremendous amount of terrorism and war in the world. Conflicts in Syria and other nearby countries have caused millions of people to flee to other countries where they do have an opportunity to survive, but before they can reach their destination they have to travel for weeks. The combination of terrorism and refugees coming into the country have caused extra awareness of safety precautions in the Netherlands. This is shown in the ‘miljoenenota’ (source: Rijksoverheid).

The Netherlands is in the middle of a recovery from the economic crisis, and we are still noticing the wounds. This means that The Netherlands are investing in for example  innovative and developing companies( The unemployment isn’t increasing anymore, this means that the Netherlands has got a bright future as was told in the ‘troonrede’. Although many politicians would still like to focus on the fact that The current (economic) situation still isn’t what it is supposed to be (PVV, PVDA).

One of the other budgets that has been increased is the budget for environment. The entire world has been hit by major climate changes, the Netherlands has adapted to this problem and is spending more money on the preservation of the current climate, so further escalation is being prevented. There will also be invested in the strengthening of the dikes, due to climate changes which can occur later on, such as the increasing of the sea level (The DeltaPlan).

I think the maintenance of the safety of our country is of major importance. With the current refugee crisis the chance is increasing that, for example, a terrorist will enter the country.  It is always better to prevent than to await a problem. Waiting until a terrorist attack will happen to later solve it will eventually also cost lots of money due to repairing costs etc. The entire nation is in panic, and as The government, it is their duty to create a more peaceful society. This doesn’t mean that all refugees are terrorists, but it means that the refugees coming into the country causes a gateway for terrorists to spread.

The Netherlands are now investing in the growth  of job opportunities, so the unemployment rate will decrease. I also believe that the way for doing this is investing. There will also be an amount of money invested in the growth of smaller companies. This means that it will be more attractive for people to start their own companies, this will cause more job opportunities. Also, the increasing budget of infrastructure will cause more vacates in the building department.

The Netherlands has got a lot on their plate due to the current refugee crisis and the previous economic crisis, this means that it is important to remain a balance between safety and a healthy business market, by investing in various (also small projects) the Netherlands will keep growing as a (multicultural) nation.

Author: Amber Aerts


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