quitting smoking: harder than ever

smoking-2Almost everyone knows someone that smokes. A friend, a colleague, a brother, a sister, a parent. “Stoptober” is a campaign which urges smokers to quit smoking for a month and hopefully longer. The goal of this campaign is to get as many smokers as possible to stop smoking. “Stoptober” started 11 days ago, but now it is even harder to stop smoking. It turns out that the tobacco industry adds more than is written on the package. It is not like the industry forgot to put them on the package, they did it on purpose to make as many people addicted to cigarettes as possible. This social problem involves many people. The smokers, the tobacco industry, the doctors (which treat the people who got a disease due to smoking), the people around the smokers and teenagers.

Everyone knows cigarettes are bad for your health, but it turns out that the tobacco industry adds many addictive substances, which make sure that people get addicted very easily (especially teenagers by adding things such as sugar, chocolate, etc. to make it taste sweeter). Sugar, for example, may sound not dangerous, but when it gets burned it releases toxic gasses which damage the health. This is just an example of the many substances that the tobacco industry adds to the cigarettes.

A woman named Anne Marie van Veen (43) has been smoking since she was 19. In 2014 she was diagnosed with lung cancer and stopped smoking since then. She watched a documentary named “Vervangers” (Replacers), which is about how the tobacco industry tries to lure children to start smoking cigarettes and get them addicted. After watching that documentary she realized that she couldn’t help to be addicted to cigarettes, because of the additives in the tobacco. Now Anne Marie is trying to warn people about the situation and tries to sue the tobacco industry. She started a website named  http://sickofsmoking.nl/, trying to warn about the dangers of smoking and to find support to sue the tobacco industry. She wants to prevent that children and adults start to smoke, because it causes many illnesses and damages the health of people.

I think it is very important that the tobacco industry has to be honest about all the additives and will stop adding extra ingredients to make people addicted. This affects teenagers especially, because they get influenced really easily, for example by peer-pressure.

It is logical that every industry wants to make profit and get as many customers as possible. They do so by making people addicted to smoking by adding additives and not mentioning them on the package. In my opinion, this is not a fair way to get customers. The industry causes health problems which will cost loads of money in the future to treat these illnesses. I agree with Anne Marie that the tobacco industry shouldn’t get away with such huge negative impacts on people’s lives.




author: Daphne Mathijsen – Freaders


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