Sports bring people together

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor sportende kinderen

The Netherlands is called a Multi-cultural society but in fact do not all the cultures in the Netherlands live together. There is a mix of cultures in the Netherlands but  I wouldn’t call it a ‘society’. Is there a way we might be able to bring these different cultures a bit closer to each other? This could not only improve social life but also reduce the amount of racism and rise the physical and mental wellbeing.

As many people know but might not take in account is that all kind of cultures behave differently from the ‘big mass’. A lot of people think it is weird if other cultures do not behave like they belong to our culture, but for other cultures it is really difficult to adjust in a strange culture, especially when this strange culture is not helping you in the progress. A little experiment in a classroom can explain this phenomenon well.

You have to send 2 people out of the class room, while they are away the rest of the class has to make up a new rule which has to be followed every time you communicate with someone in that classroom (including the 2 people that have been send away). After they come back the experiment starts, the 2 people that have been send away have to find out what the rules are that the class came up with. The entire class acts to those rules but the 2 people that have been send out of the classroom have  no idea what these new rules are. No one has told the class that they weren’t allowed to tell the 2 people that have been send away that they are not allowed to tell the new rules, but everyone has decided to not tell the rules. This little experiment shows that if new people enter our culture we are not really willing to help, we just think that if you enter our culture you should behave like it and if you have difficulty finding it out, that is your own problem. This might sound selfish but this is how culture works. That’s why I think that the government should help other the Netherlands taking a step away from their own culture and taking a step towards other cultures. I truly think this can be reached through sports.

Sports could be the solution to unite the variety of cultures in the Netherlands. Sports involves discipline, teamwork and tactics, sports is good for the mind and for the body so not only would sports bring these people together but health issues that involve overweight can be reduced as well. Sports can make people feel confident about themselves, and even if you are not the star of the team, you can also have a great time with your team members in the (most important) 3rd half of the match as the Dutch call it. My demand is not that all adults are going to play sports but I would like to mainly focus on the children. Not only do this children from a young age grow up to be more tolerant with these other cultures, also the parents on the side line start talking with each other. This idea would have effect on both children and parents.

A lot of people from with immigrant background struggle to integrate in a society due to a lack of contact with the Dutch society. These different cultures often start living together in their own bubble, this causes their children to grow up in this bubble again, and so the circle goes on. If these children started doing sports together with the indigenous population, the bubble might pop.

The way this plan can be realised is subsidies, and the promotion of local sports clubs. Not only do these sports clubs have to increase their capacity, also the school should pay more attention to sports. For instance by creating an extra sports day, or after school sports clubs (just like they do in America). You might think that the investment in sports might be less important than some other issues that we have got in the Netherlands, but sports can be cost saving, there will be less people with overweight and other health issues that can be solved with physical movement.

Sports can be the way to bring different cultures close together, it is good for your mental and physical health and it is a lot of fun. The government should invest more money in sports, this could solve some cultural issues and maybe even other issues on long term. Sports is a must for the mind and for the heart


Author: Amber Aerts


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