Q fever, the aftermath

In 2007, in North-Brabant in the Netherlands, Q fever started to spread more and more, evolving into a Q-fever epidemic. Q fever is a disease among kettle (in the Netherlands especially with goats and sheep), which can also spread to humans. This infectious disease luckily cannot be spread from human to human. From 2007 up and until 2016 around 4,000 people got infected (according to the RIVM site) and most of the people who reported they were infected, reported in 2008, 2009 and 2010.

Around 300 Q fever patients went to the court in Den Hague, due to the court case against the State, because according to patients, the government should have taken action sooner. Some of the Q fever patients lost their job because they got chronically ill. Considering their opinion that the state could have done more, they claim a compensation.

On Wednesday the 25th of January, the conclusion of the court is that the State did enough and therefore the claim to get a compensation, was denied. According to the reporter Trudy van Rijswijk, who was also at court to hear the conclusion, everyone was silent after they heard the conclusion.  Some of the patients feel unheard and they consider an appeal process.

In my opinion it would be fair that the State does have to give a compensation to these people, because the State could have done more and also earlier. The state could have placed boards near infected sheep and goat farms and also inform better in which areas there was a higher chance of getting infected. Also if the symptoms were more well-known or if there were check-ups in and near areas where the disease was spread, less people would have been infected.





Author: Daphne Mathijsen – Freaders


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