Consumers are fooled by the food industry

When shopping in the supermarket, not everything is what it seems. Many products do not live up to the expectations, or contain certain ingredients which cause health issues without the consumer being aware of this. Shouldn’t the consumer have the right to know exactly what they are consuming, and what the effect are?Afbeeldingsresultaat voor voedsel verpakkingen

People are becoming more and more aware of what is going on in the food industry and a lot of media pays attention to the use of food. Even though the press has spent some attention to the unconsciousness of the average consumer and a lot of people are taking action by becoming for example vegan or start eating biological food. Unfortunately the consumers are often fooled when buying ‘biological’ products. For example, biological bee honey, you would expect a better quality honey from natural bee honey (or at least the bees are living in some kind of natural environment) However, the truth is that biological bee honey contains a large amount of microscopic plastic parts which are caused by the polluted air. I think the consumer should have the right to exactly know what process their product went through, what dangers there are with consuming the product and there should be a clear description of that the product is.

You might argue ‘what’s wrong with the description of food on the shelves’ but often products aren’t what they say they are. Oxtail soup isn’t really made from oxtails, it is actually made out of meat left overs. Cereal contains real iron! It is important that the consumer know exactly what they are buying without being misled by false advertisement. The regulations on how products are presented should become stricter, so the consumer know what they are buying instead of thinking they are buying a certain product but ending up with a product that doesn’t meet its advertisement.

Thirdly I also think it is important that the safety of the consumer is being guaranteed. A lot of poison and antibiotics are in the food process which may actually have major effects on human health. It is a known fact that people can become resistant against antibiotics, and so do the animals that are treated with them. The food industry should take more action to protect the safety of the citizens, even when that means that the food process will take longer. and therefore the meat would be expensive. Ensuring safety is expensive, but in the case of meat that would only be good, not only will the consumer be protected, the amount of meat that is being sold could be reduced, which would be a great step for ecological development. The government should be keen to make these developments happen, for the safety of the citizens, and the future for our children. Furthermore it is also important that if the health effects of a certain product are unknown, the consumer should be aware of this, by displaying this clearly on the packaging. Taurine, which is used in cans of energy drink, is a good example: there is little to know about Taurine, and about energy drinks in overall. Many people claim that energy drinks are very dangerous and could even cause heart failure do to the overdose of caffeine, this is why the consumer should be aware of the dangers of the product, and should be knowing if the consequences aren’t known yet.

Adding all this information up you can state that it is of major importance that the consumer knows what they are buying, what the health effects are and that they aren’t fooled by the name of the product. The packaging should be clear for all consumers, and regulations should be stricter to prevent any escalation on the health department. It is time for the consumer to be the boss of their own stomach.


keuringsdienst van ware (NPO) ossenstaart soep

keuringsdienst van ware biologische honing

Author: Amber Aerts – Freaders


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