Cyber police in action

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor cyber police

11.1 % of the Dutch population has been a victim of cybercrime. During the last century cyber criminality has developed itself to a certain extent, and the Netherlands lags behind. People are being hacked without being aware of it, you receive strange mails which ask for private information or even crimes that are way more horrifying than you can imagine. The dark web has developed itself during the ‘internet century’. People make videos in which they kill people, videos in which child pornography is viewed and even hitman can be hired. It has never been so easy to commit a crime without the government being aware of this, that is why the Netherlands should invest more money in cyber police.

Firstly, the problem seems small at the moment because the amount of people that are victim of a crime is decreasing. In reality the amount of people that are victim of a crime might be decreasing, the amount of online crime committed is increasing. This is due to the privacy an online criminal has, the crimes that are committed online do not necessarily have to do with killing people, or hacking data. It has also to do with the ease in which you can order drugs, and products which are not allowed to be sold. People can pay in bitcoins, which is a currency that allows people to pay with (online) money without being traceable.  There might be less victims, but there are more crimes being committed and it is the governments job to do something about this.

Secondly, there are major hackers out there, they can easily hack classified data of the government and of other important institutions. That’s why I think it is important that the government invests more in the education of people to protect the web. If these people can protect the web our country would be a much safer place, online and in real life. The awareness of the problem is still very small, so by putting these issues in the limelight and attracting youth to become a computer expert for the government, the state will be protected in another way than physical police.

Thirdly, more cyber based jobs (such as a cyber police) will increase the rate in which the Netherlands is involved in technology. Technology is the future, and the Netherlands isn’t really a pioneer. That’s why the government has to invest in cyber police, so the Netherlands will have more knowledge about the technological world. Technological talent may develop and technological jobs will become more mainstream. The Netherlands has to integrate in this technological evolution by participating actively in such developments.

You might argue that investing in this cyber police might be expensive, but you have to look on the other hand. Less physical police is necessary since a lot of these crimes can be solved on the internet (such as terrorism, and drug dealers.) It is also an investment for the future knowledge of the Netherlands, which will result in better technological development in the country.

Concluding all of this, it is of major importance that the awareness of cybercrimes will be greater. The government can prevent further escalation by educating more officers to be online officers. The Netherlands is lagging behind on the technological side, and this might have major consequences in the future of criminality and education. That is why the Netherlands should be investing in cyber cops.


Author: Amber Aerts – Freaders


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